Square One


It is a simple concept that ranks up there with food, water and air. People want it, companies need it and there is an entire industry that can provide it. How do you know how much security is right for you?

This industry is full of people who want to scare you every step of the way, and want you to prepare for every eventuality.

Our approach is different. First, we talk to you about your business, to understand your various risk levels. Then, we develop an approach that will cover your likely risks — not the ones that are being hyped in the press or by vendors with their "independent research studies.” We understand that you have to balance your need for security with the cost to obtain it.

Security is more than just firewalls and anti-spam, it's a process — a process in which Square One is an expert. Whether you need an overall security review or an in depth vulnerability assessment, we can provide the service that best fits you and your business. We can help sort out the difference between intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems (IDS/IPS). Why do people worry about Network Access Control (NAC)? Why is tape and disk encryption so important? We've helped our clients sift through all the latest catchphrases and focus on what's important to them.