Square One

Serving since 1987.

We've been in this business for over 20 years. We're not "fly by night" and we're not going anywhere. Our longevity, experience and relationship matters.

We're affordable.

When you truly consider the facts - when you add up all of the services - we undeniably offer more value than any competitor. Sometimes you have to look beyond price and consider all things such as quality, support, experience along with price. What good is having someone at half the price if it takes them twice as long or if they lack the relevent experience? There is a cost to "cheap IT" - don't let it burn you.

We answer the phone.

Usually on three rings by a smiling person. We don't use robotic operators or use voicemail as an artificial barrier. When you want to talk, we are here for you.  

World's greatest companies.

Trust Square One for their IT needs. Their success is our success and we think that the company you keep is important.

We hire amazing employees.

This means a better experience for you. We weed out the weak and only pick the people who really understand the technology, your business and how to service customers. We find, hire, train and retain the most talented individuals possible and we work hard to keep them.

Help you make money.

Sometimes you need people to help you turn that great idea into reality. Don't let the technology stop you from turning that idea into profits. 

Help you save money.

Other times you might need help in using technology to streamline an existing process to make your company more agile. We have years of experience in helping streamline costs and success stories we can point to.

Our Partners.

We have a select few meaningful relationships with partners. We don't have a “million” dance partners like some of our competitors. We understand that there are some companies that are top of their game or provide a unique angle to solving problems - those are the people we want to associate with.

We rise to the challenge.

All complex systems will eventually encounter problems. When something unexpected happens, we immediately rise to the challenge. We mobilize resources and use our partner connections to bring the right resources and solve the problem without wasting time.

If we are wrong, we admit it.

Mistakes happen. When we do, we don't shuffle them under the rug and pretend they never happened. We own up to them - we apologize and we make things right. Even if it costs us big - we do the right thing. Our relationships and reputation matters.