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Video Surveillance
It used to be that only financial institutions had video surveillance systems because of the time and expense of installing, managing and maintaining them. There is much more to protecting your business than covering your digital assets. You have real world locations such as plants, offices and schools. These locations need to be watched and nothing deters crime better than good physical security.

With recent advances in technology, video surveillance systems operate using Internet Protocols to connect, record and transmit video. This means that the same network that you are currently using to send and receive email, can also be used to remotely monitor offices, plants and construction sites.

There are some real benefits to network video cameras:

  • Remote Accessibility: Access live video at anytime and from anywhere from a variety of devices including mobile phones.
  • Future Proof Integration: You can connect the cameras to a LAN, xDSL, modem, wireless adaptor or cell phone.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: You can expand the system by adding additional network cameras. Since the cameras adhere to industry standards, you can add extra storage capacity, additional cameras or new technologies in the future. Since these devices operate on standard Ethernet networking, and support a number of advanced technologies, e.g. Power over Ethernet. Standard IT equipment such as switches, servers for video recording and storage, and RAID arrays, are used, so you can leverage your investments.
  • Monitor activities from any number of branch offices from a central location.

These systems can be used in all types of environments: indoor, outdoor, wired, wireless and in rough, tough conditions.