Square One

Servers, Desktops, Firewalls, and Mobile Devices.

It seems that every day, one of the thirty different vendors that you use releases a service pack, security pack, security roll-up, maintenance pack, feature enhancement or some other pack that requires your time and effort. You don't have time to think much less install and configure everything. The problem is falling behind. Once you fall behind in your efforts, your security is compromised. In some cases, these security packs are fixing known holes in your business infrastructure.

Picking and choosing between making money and staying protected is a tough choice. Let Square One handle the care and feeding of your servers and security devices with our "Up-to-Date" program. We ensure that your servers are updated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can't be an expert at everything, so be an expert in the things that matter to the bottom line. Partner with the experts at Square One, where all work is performed by our industry certified professionals.