Square One

Your firewall vendor releases regular updates, but most people do not install the updates because of time and resource constraints. Others have a false sense of security, since the firewall and VPN work, why touch it? You know the old saying — "If it ain't broke, don't fix it..."

Regardless of the reason, many customers are at risk and don't even realize it until it’s too late. Square One provides a proactive support program that will help you maintain your existing firewall systems, while ensuring that you are protected from new problems that have been discovered since you installed your old firewall.

Our service, Firewall Up-to-Date, provides you with scheduled, quarterly updates to your firewall, and all high priority security updates as they are released. You do not have to be a security expert to ensure security; you need to partner with Square One. We have twenty years of security experience, and all work is performed by experienced, industry certified professionals.

All services are provided after-hours and are "set and forget"— so we can manage everything for you. And since this program is a flat rate, you get protection at a predictable cost that you can put into your IT Budget. All Firewall Up-to-Date customers get priority service — the added benefit of a guaranteed four-hour response time on critical firewall security related issues.

Square One also offers a vulnerability assessment upgrade that gives you a monthly report from an attacker’s point of view, providing information that an outsider would see about your network. These remote checks do not require any administrator rights, and can provide an accurate security assessment of your systems. There have been over 10,000 network security vulnerabilities over the past two years alone. Having a report which details where you are vulnerable can be a real timesaver and allow you to focus on the vulnerabilities that matter.