Square One

Like you, many of our customers struggle with trying to get initiatives and projects done with limited resources and budget. The cost to hire someone full time far outweighs the benefits of getting unplanned and sporadic (and sometimes emergency) initiatives completed. No one can afford to have these resources idle during slow periods. Instead of searching for, interviewing, hiring, training, and paying for the overhead of a seldom or rarely used expert for a specific skill set, it may be easier to augment your existing staff with a team from an outside organization, or "Outsource."

I am sure that everyone has heard of Outsourcing and the pitfalls associated with it. Square One's model of "Co-sourcing" gives you all of the benefits of outsourcing with none of the pitfalls.

With co-sourcing, we work with your existing technology staff (or non-technical staff) on projects where you don't have in-house expertise. Co-sourcing offers you the flexibility to increase staff during busy projects or handle projects that you don't have trained personnel for without losing control of your department.

Interested in Outsourcing but not interested in losing control over your business? Square allows you to augment your existing staff with highly trained professionals to work on projects such as security, data management or network optimization. We can also provide routine assistance to in-house staff during peak period activity or if special expertise is required for a specific initiative.

If you don't need full time IT staff for limited projects, co-source with Square One. We partner with the best in the industry to reduce your costs, improve quality and complete your work on time and under budget. Square One can provide these services on a proactive routine basis, per project or on an hourly time & materials basis. We try to make it more flexible and easy to work with us.

Call us for proactive maintenance services, project work, upgrades, new implementations, migrations or other project work. We can provide regularly scheduled visits for preventative maintenance such as analyzing firewall logs, updating server patches, software updates, and performing test recoveries for back-up. Square One can provide a customized agreement for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly on-site and remote visits as well as Statements of Work for specific projects.