Square One

You're not feeling well and you go to the Doctor for an examination. The doctor wants to examine you, understand your symptoms and determine the root cause of the problem. Only then does the doctor make a diagnosis and a course of treatment.

We handle your problems in the same way (why not steal the best ideas from other industries). We like to do an assessment before taking on major projects or long term support agreements so we can better understand your environment. We know that a cookie cutter approach will not help us in the long run. You don't run your business with a cookie cutter approach, you understand that each client is different and almost all clients have unique needs.

Step 1: Discovery

You give us all existing documentation and we perform a site survey to confirm your current setup.

Step 2: Compare

We look at your setup and compare it to the industry best practices. We tell you of ways to improve your setup.

Step 3: Design and Recommend

Need we say more.

Step 4: Document

We put everything in writing. Network diagrams, technical reports, procedures, contacts, etc.

We offer a variety of assessment services including:

Risk Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Information Systems Risk Assessment
  • Application Security and Compliance Assessment
  • Database Compliance Auditing

Strategic Risk Management
  • Security Roadmaps
  • Vulnerability Management & Remediation
  • Security Policy Development
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Identity Management

Security Engineering
  • Security Architecture Design
  • Security Architecture Implementation & Optimization
  • Security Control Design & Implementation

Security Operations
  • Security Operations Center Development
  • Security Incident Management
  • Security Awareness Training