Square One


Square One was initially contacted for advice on an off-site, data backup solution for approximately 1.5 TB of data. After further discussion, the client’s real business problem was their LAN based backup/restore solution which was audited at a 55% success rate. The client was also a significant user of EMC’s VMware software and a growing virtual server environment consisting of nearly 55 virtual systems. Their existing investment was unable to address the VMware backup/recovery requirements of the client.

The Need:

Kos Pharmaceuticals, Inc. needed a new data management solution to manage the increase in their data. They needed a robust information lifecycle management solution that to was able to work with heterogeneous systems including 55 virtual systems, integrate EMC’s VMware software, improve backup performance, data migration, and data archiving with a reliable restore process.
  • A unified Information Lifecycle Management solution that ensured high performance protection, increased backup success rate, decreased overall backup time, and simplified management of complex storage networks
  • Data protection for both physical and virtual environment information and data

The Solution:

Square One’s installation of CommVault’s Galaxy product for improved data backup/recovery and automation of data management
nstallation of a disk2disk2tape system and off-site data storage system

The Result:

As a result, the Kos Pharmaceuticals now has a 99.3% backup/recovery success rate, a robust storage architecture for rapid restore of critical data and a more viable off-site data storage plan that works with their legacy systems and software. CommVault’s unified management platform allows for the client’s IT personnel to manage data on both the local area network as well as remote offices across the WAN.
  • A scalable and robust Information Lifecycle Management solution
  • Increased backup/recovery success rate -- from 55% to a nearly 100%
  • Improved and reliable data archiving and data protection

The Organization:

Kos Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a fully integrated specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in the development of proprietary prescription pharmaceutical products, principally for treatment of cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic diseases. The company’s principal product development strategy is to reformulate existing pharmaceutical products with large market potential to improve safety, effectiveness and patient compliance.

The Details:

Square One was retained to analyze the client’s current data management architecture. The recommendation was to deploy CommVault’s Galaxy for backup/recovery, to provide protection for the critical VMware system, and to automate data management. This solution changed their data management system from static to dynamic. The Square One engineering team also architected a disk2disk2tape system for a complete information lifecycle management (ILM) architecture. An off-site tape rotation was developed in conjunction with a near-line storage plan for backup and fast recovery of critical business data.