Square One


Bracco Diagnostics was experiencing significant problems with their data management solution, BrightStor from Computer Associates, due to inconsistent backup jobs, job restarts due to tape failure, open files, etc. Full backups to tape were taking the better part of a weekend while weeknight jobs were running consistently into the next business day. Bracco was faced with regulatory requirements for retaining certain types of business data and searching data archives up to 10 years.

The Need:

An increased amount of data stored on production servers was causing overnight backups to run consistently into the next business day. The client needed to find a way to move non-mission critical information off of production servers to an inexpensive near line storage device that could backup in the allotted time. Additionally, the client needed this process to adhere to regulatory compliance policies and to have the ability to search data archives up to 10-years.
  • Ensure that a consistent, recoverable image of all file, application, and server data is protected and available at all times
  • Limit the amount of data stored on production servers to help decrease the overall backup window
  • Adhere to regulatory compliance requirements including consistent data retention and data retrieval
  • Decrease the time for each backup job and the number of tapes being consumed.
  • Link more closely with the organization’s new Microsoft centric direction including the ability to backup Microsoft’s document sharing portal SharePoint.

The Solution:

  • Square One’s installation of CommVault’s Galaxy backup and recovery solution

The Result:

  • Decreased backup/restore window -- by as much as 90%
  • Better managed data -- With DataArchivor, data can be automatically retained, managed, and quickly and easily retrieved (up to 10-years) to assist in adhering to regulatory compliance needs.
  • Simplified data coherency—such as by ensuring that a replicated copy is a coherent data set before it is backed up
  • Consistent security, encryption and network handling of data

The Organization:

Bracco Diagnostics Inc. is a member of the Bracco Group, a highly innovative health care group, specialized in global integrated solutions for diagnostic imaging with 70 years of experience worldwide. Bracco Diagnostics is one of the fastest growing developers and marketers of diagnostic pharmaceuticals in North America, with products for various imaging applications and modalities, contrast agents, and nuclear medicine products.

The Details:

Bracco Diagnostics now has a complete ILM data model for quick, efficient and simple data management in accordance with the needs of the business including regulatory requirements. Because data is first moved to disk, and later to tape, most backups are now completed in one business day. Square One’s CommVault solution also provides the additional luxury of backup job resume-ability which means that backup jobs that need to restart resume from where they left off and not from the beginning of the job as with the previous solution. In addition, this solution is very efficient and easy to use for the client. It self manages the data by double checking the backup and has point and click data protection reporting features.