Square One


Bracco Diagnostics needs to provide remote and mobile users with anytime, anywhere access to corporate business applications and data. While they had a current remote access solution it did not ensure the level of protection on a remote machine before allowing the connection. This not only resulted in lost productivity by remote workers with machines that became infected with viruses or worms, but spread the virus or worm to other machines.

Additionally, Bracco Diagnostics was looking for a solution to monitor, control and protect the remote machines when disconnected from the corporate office. The solution needed to allow users to access the internet and other public resources while still providing a high-level of protection from attacks.

The Need:

With more than 3,300 users in more than 115 countries the ability to provide secure anywhere, anytime access to corporate applications and information became increasingly necessary. Enhanced security features were necessary with the prominence of major threats including worms, spyware and, hacker attacks.

  • Provide anytime, anywhere access to specific corporate business applications and data.
  • Spyware cleaning and disablement, session confidentiality, and network access policy enforcement
  • Simplified remote access for a user group of varying classifications

The Solution:

  • Square One implemented Check Point VPN-1, which provided intelligent, reliable security with an integrated combination of firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention.
  • Square One deployed Integrity SecureClient that screens inbound and outbound communications at the application layer, and blocks any traffic containing malicious viruses or worms, as well as updates antivirus applications/patches or service packs and the endpoints

The Result:

  • Business continuity – business as usual without the interruption of malicious worms, spyware and hacker attacks.
  • Increased productivity, security and connectivity -- A centrally managed platform which includes firewall security, intrusion prevention, outbound threat protection, and access policy enforcement.
  • Reduced IT staff time required for ongoing maintenance and administration

The Organization:

Bracco Diagnostics Inc. is a member of the Bracco Group, a highly innovative health care group, specialized in global integrated solutions for diagnostic imaging with 70 years of experience worldwide. Bracco Diagnostics is one of the fastest growing developers and marketers of diagnostic pharmaceuticals in North America, with products for various imaging applications and modalities, contrast agents, and nuclear medicine products.

The Details:

Square One deployed Integrity SecureClient which provides the most advanced remote connectivity and endpoint security available in a single solution. By ensuring that only secure PCs gain access to the corporate network via VPN-1, it safeguards confidential information and maintains business continuity. Integrity SecureClient's desktop firewall, program controls, and intrusion prevention preemptively stop the newest worms, spyware, and hacker attacks.