Square One


A Charitable Foundation had a growing requirement for different groups of users to work on various document based projects while maintaining access control and version identification throughout the process. The client utilized email and telephone as primary methods of communication. Team members were geographically separated, in some cases by several hours. File growth on servers was uncontrolled and documents became increasingly difficult to find and organize.

The Need:

The foundation's program staff conducts extensive research to identify gaps or needs that the foundation can address in the fields it supports. Typically, this research leads to the development of a grant “initiative,” which supports a set of related grants that advance a specific goal or objective. Once an initiative is developed, grants are awarded in a variety of ways, including foundation-initiated invitations to apply, re-granting competitions that are administered by service organizations, and competitions that are run using request-for-proposal processes. The client needed a way to stream-line business initiatives, including the grantmaking process and properly track all proposals, opportunities, and projects from inception until completion.
  • Integrate information from various systems into one solution with flexible deployment options and management tools
  • Ability to find and leverage people and information across the enterprise to inspire project collaboration
  • Create a company data and information portal and help company effectively and productively use the portal and stored information

The Solution:

  • Square One deployed SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to help individuals and teams connect by facilitating collaboration and communication across the organization
  • A Site Directory to aggregate, organize, and create SharePoint sites across the organization, enabling a true collaborative portal solution

The Result:

The Foundation now has team collaboration across geographical boundaries making communications easier and more effective. Internal business communications were enhanced with portal and site wide announcements and news displays. Document redundancy and space requirements were substantially reduced, and key information is now available from one centralized location allowing for faster and better management decisions.
  • Faster and more informed management decisions -- Key information is now available from one centralized location, which significantly improved internal communications
  • More organized, searchable document database -- Document versioning decreases the amount of data stored on company servers and allows for quicker and easier document searches
  • Improved system security --- Application access is controlled through the single sign-on service that allows for Web Parts to connect directly to many different systems
  • Consistent security, encryption and network handling of data

The Details:

Square One was retained to implement a solution that inspired team collaboration and simplified document management. To this end, Square One implemented Microsoft’s SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and created workspace for the all major business areas. Square One also developed a document library hierarchy with procedures, including configuring document indexing to tie in all business areas where applicable permissions allowed.